Good Nights with Good Night: Macbeth!

That's right, it's our first Good Night with Good Night. And we'll be using the opportunity to celebrate Bare Bodkins, a Sioux Falls theatre company that is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. 

We decided to launch Good Nights with Good Night because we love making theatre in Sioux Falls. We feel especially lucky to create shows and cabarets in a town that is packed with so many incredible theatre offerings. And we want to celebrate those offerings! Once a month, Good Night will highlight a theatre production we are excited about from another company, and we want you all to come with us.

Whether you have a hard time keeping up with the theatre scene or just want a friend to go to a show with, Good Nights with Good Night will be starting this July. Our first show in this initiative is Shakespeare's Macbeth, performed by the artists of Bare Bodkins. This company is especially exciting because their spectacular shows in the park are completely free! Many thanks to Bare Bodkins for creating accessible Shakespeare for 20 years. 

If you're interested in a thrilling and murderous Friday night, we suggest you check out Macbeth at Falls Park.

  • Where: Queen Bee Mill at Falls Park
  • Which: Macbeth
  • When: July 7th at 6:30pm
  • How: If you want, you can meet up with Sydney and Ruth (See Team Page) outside of the mill entrance at 6:00pm. Ruth will ask you about your favorite Shakespeare work, and Sydney will regale you with tales of the time she almost became an accidental star in last summer's The Winter's Tale. 
  • What: There is seating provided on metal bleachers. Make sure to bring a cushion, or a lawn chair if you would rather.