Why We Love the Theatre

This Valentine's Day, we want to celebrate with you all at Romance + Revenge: A Valentine's Cabaret. For the members of the Good Night Theatre Collective, this is the best possible way to spend Valentine's Day. Even as some of us date, fall in love, or even get married, we all have one true love: the theatre. Below, the founders of GNTC and cast members of the cabaret on February 16th talk about why they love the theatre.

"I love the theatre because it's where I experience the most empathy, community and connection - and without those things, why are we even here? Who even are we? Big ole piles of nothin, that's what.'" - DEBBI JONES, Guest Artist

"What do I love about the theatre? The characters I've been able to play have taught me more about life than some of my own experiences. I am most comfortable in my own skin when I am on a stage, telling a story. Theatre has allowed me to recreate the beautiful, the mundane, and the ugly moments of life.  Few have said it better than Oscar Wilde, who stated, 'The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life.'" - MARTHA STAI, Founder

“There is no adrenaline rush quite like the theatre. There is nothing better than hitting that note or delivering that line, feeling the audience’s energy shift, and knowing ‘ah, I got ‘em.’ As a performer, I live for those moments.” - SYDNEY PLACE-SALLSTROM, Founder

"I love theatre because its one of the best opportunities for empathy. Its the most beautiful place to feel like you can connect with the audience as well as the character you're playing." - BOB WENDLAND, Founder