Happy Birthday Good Night!

On October 17th, 2017, The Good Night Theatre Collective celebrated our first anniversary of our launch. It has been an extraordinary year, filled with magical moments. But we challenged ourselves to pick our favorite moment from the past year and share it with all of you. Read on for each of the founders' favorite memory, and thank you all for a wonderful first year!


"There are too many to choose from, but my favorite moment from the past year with Good Night was the June cabaret. Being able to perform in a show with all of the talented singers who had helped us in our inaugural journey was truly exciting and extremely humbling. The production value was higher than ever before - I mean, can you say tap dancing? And we were able to sing some of our all-time favorite Broadway showstoppers. It was the perfect way to end our first season."
- Martha

It was everything you could want out of theatre.

- Sydney

"My favorite Good Night moment from the past year was bringing "BALL: A Tribute to My Lost Testicle" to Sioux Falls. It was everything you could want out of theatre. It was new and different and original and funny and I cried so many tears that I ran out of tissues. Luckily everyone else was crying too, including the bartenders. Max, the creator, is just a hands-down great person and performer. And we never would have connected with him without this show. That is what art and community development is all about. And for me, that's what Good Night is all about."
- Sydney

"My favorite memory from Good Night is still our first cabaret. I wasn't performing - I was running the sound. And so I got to see it all. I watched the faces of the audience as they fell in love with our performers. I watched each singer's confidence grow as they took over the stage. And then, after the show, I stood backstage with an incredible cast as we all shook from head to toe, smiles crazed, while the audience rose and cheered so loudly we couldn't hear each other speak. Even if Good Night had ended after that one show it would have been worth it. But I'm so glad it didn't." 
- Ruth


"I love performing and directing with Good Night, but my favorite moment from the past year was this summer's workshop process for David & Lucy: A New Musical. We got to spend five weeks just playing with a new musical that was written in Sioux Falls - no pressure, no tickets to sell, nothing but theatre. We had this hard-working and ridiculously hilarious cast. I honestly haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. (Luckily the show is a comedy, so the majority of the laughter was warranted.) It was a completely new adventure. Even now that David & Lucy is in rehearsal, I am honored and humbled to be a part of this incredible group of actors."
- Bob