The Good Night Theatre Collective was thrilled to present Max Wotjanowicz's "BALL: A Musical Tribute to My Lost Testicle" on April 29th and 30th, 2017.  BALL is the real-life story of one man's struggle with testicular cancer. Max Wojtanowicz, creator and star, was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in January 2016. A friend told him to "conquer it, and then sing about it." Challenge accepted. Through stories and songs about chemo, community and courage, BALL is a moving and hilarious one-man show about the moment life throws you a curve...ball.

The show, hailed as "charming, witty, moving, and thoroughly enjoyable" by the Star Tribune, was premiered by The Catalysts at the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival. It was met with critical acclaim and sold-out houses, ultimately becoming the second-best-selling show of 168 in the festival.

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50% of the proceeds from this show were donated to SURVIVEiT, the world's first and only non-profit cancer care rating resource. SURVIVEiT is a spectacular organization committed to empowering anyone affected by cancer with the knowledge they need to survive. Founded by Sioux Falls resident Matt Eloffson after he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009, SURVIVEiT strives to fulfill its vision of a world free from the fear of cancer. Learn more about SURVIVEiT on their website.


what people are saying

"We have a winner. Max Wojtanowicz’s show is charming, witty, moving and thoroughly enjoyable. Singing about his journey as a survivor of testicular cancer, Wojtanowicz is sharp and wry, avoiding what he calls the “pastelization of cancer.” And because he has such charisma, and a gorgeous voice, “Ball” is not so much about what he lost, but the grace, beauty and elegance that he gained from his traumatic survivor’s experience." -- Rohan Preston for the Star Tribune

"Friends, I'm calling it: Ball is the best show of the Fringe and Max Wojtanowicz gives the best performance of the Fringe. As funny and musically delightful as it is heartfelt and moving." -- Jill Schafer for Cherry and Spoon



"BALL" was presented on April 29th at 8pm and April 30th at 2pm at the ICON Event Hall in downtown Sioux Falls. General admission tickets were $20.

50% of the proceeds from your ticket purchase went directly to SURVIVEiT, the world's first and only non-profit cancer care rating resource. Don't miss out on this incredible two performance only show!

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"Ball: A Musical Tribute to My Lost Testicle" is written and performed by Max Wojtanowicz. Original music by Andrew Cooke, Michael Gruber, and Jason Hansen. Directed by Nikki Swoboda, with musical direction by Jerry Rubino. Originally presented by The Catalysts.