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Scheduling & Conflicts
We rehearse four days a week for each monthly cabaret. Please list ALL known and potential conflicts, activities and events between August 9 and June 7 below. If you know in advance your schedule would not allow for you to be in one of the monthly cabarets listed below, please indicate that you are unavailable for the entire month. List all known and potential conflicts (for available months) below the chart. A more detailed conflict schedule will be requested upon your potential casting in a cabaret.
Performances Thursday, Sept. 13, and Friday, Sept. 14 (Rehearsals begin tentatively Aug. 9)
Performances Thursday, Nov. 1, thru Sunday, Nov. 4 (Rehearsals begin tentatively Sept. 24)
Performances Thursday, Dec. 13, and Friday, Dec. 14 (Rehearsals begin tentatively Nov. 8)
Performances Thursday, Jan. 24, and Friday, Jan. 25 (Rehearsals begin tentatively Dec. 20)
Performances Thursday, April 4, thru Sunday, April 7 (Rehearsals begin tentatively Feb. 18)
Performances Thursday, June 6, and Friday, June 7 (Rehearsals begin tentatively May 2)
Are you comfortable stage-kissing someone of the same sex?
Are you comfortable with cursing on-stage?